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published by Poetic Diversity​


(a directional apology)

When I was telling you where Jr's BBQ was,
I should have also mentioned that in college,
if my friends ever heard me giving directions
to someone over the phone,
they would snatch away the receiver.

Jr's is _south_ of the Mandrake,
not north of it.

It wasn't until I had my second scotch
at my friend's restaurant (Muddy Leek) on Washington
and was driving home that I realized my error.
I hope hope hope that you went with the directional clue
"where Fairfax and La Cienega meet"
and not the misdirectional clue
"north of here"
and that you got that protein you wanted
before tomorrow's game.

Sorry 'bout that.

© 2015 Lisa Segal

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