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Okay, maybe this doesn’t make sense now, but after taking this workshop you will have expanded your ability to morph the concrete image of a story or poem into the imaginative reality of what lies beyond the frame of space and time. This is a bare nutshell description of what is a kettledrum of creative magic. Okay, this nutshell description may be too esoteric, so here’s something simpler: Beyond the frame uses paintings to push writing’s boundaries. Well, that’s all we can say at the moment, but take this workshop and, not only will you never look at the world of your imagination the same way again, but as a creative artist, you’ll never look back. This workshop stands alone and doesn't require previous Method Writing workshops.

Co-taught with Josh Grapes.

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The class with Josh and Lisa truly took me beyond the frame of space and time. By providing a container that was not so contained, a free, wide universe from which to pull material, my writing came so deeply from my subconscious, that it was a really, amazing piece. It also served as a beautiful healing from within. I have already used the technique today, to write a new piece that was totally different and surprising. What a way into the soul of writing!

     –Denise Lumiere

Lisa and Josh and created an AMAZING and unique workshop. It brought me a new way of approaching my writing.

     –Carolyn Ziel

Lisa and Josh have come up with a brilliant concept. What makes it so brilliant (among many other things:) is that it is “archetypical” -- it taps into a universal structure and therefore will always work and yield results, even when it feels like the words just aren't nowhere to be found in my head. I really appreciated Lisa and Josh’s graciousness when commenting on my work.

     –Yelena Shor


Lisa and Josh put on an amazing workshop! I learned so much and felt so liberated by the freedom to be something (or someone) else. They opened up a new door for me.

–Sheila Young

Lisa and Josh’s class was a revelation! They helped me to push past my limit and get to a place in my imagination I’ve never been before, all in 3 1/2 hours!

     –Nancy Stoddard

The workshop was truly fun and inspiring! The idea of writing beyond the frame really got me rolling. Sometimes a small key opens a very big door. Josh and Lisa's concept of thinking “beyond the frame in space & time," simple as it is, worked beautifully for me. I wrote as fast as my pen could go and I opened the door to a very deep place. Then I had the great pleasure of listening to a roomful of writers who'd gone there too. What a lovely morning!

     –Michael Topp

I’ll never forget the two thrilling Beyond The Frame workshops I took with Lisa and Josh.

     –Jane Robbins

I loved the Beyond The Frame workshop. It was wonderful stretching myself creatively. I hadn’t written in a number of years. Using the prompt reminded me that there are so many ways I can find my narrator for stories and that I am only limited by my unwillingness to move “beyond the frame.” Josh and Lisa were outstanding facilitators in getting me to stretch my wings again. I loved the challenge that they gave us. 

     –Linda Blakeley

The Beyond The Frame workshop was such a joy. On my drive home, stories were inspired by everything I saw. I have new eyes.

     – Ellie Feldman

Kate and I had lots of fun with our Beyond the Frame writing exercise. Lisa and Josh were spectacular

     –Jim McInerny

Beyond The Frame came to life and spoke to me, stirred me. It was a magical experience.

     –Evelyn Duboff.

Beyond the Frame in Space and Time sounds pretty spectacular and it is! Josh Grapes and Lisa Segal bring an infectious excitement to this workshop. Not only that, the concept is one that I can take with me wherever I am. Now I have no excuse for "writer's block"! Josh and Lisa create such a fun and nurturing writing experience. I love what came out of it. More, please!

     –Alicia Garey

I enjoyed learning how to write Beyond the Frame. I appreciate your patience with me and your encouragement to move past fear to freedom.

     –Michele Taylor

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