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You’ve brushed up your Shakespeare, you’ve started to quote him now, but after taking Method Writing Level One, you’ll be ready to take your bow. This class is a great review of the first four concepts of Method Writing, whether you’ve just finished Level One, or it’s been years since you took it.

Taught four times a year. Prerequisite: Must have taken METHOD WRITING LEVEL ONE. For more information on Jack Grape's Method Writing and class dates, visit or contact



You're a fine teacher. You said something to my first level class that served as a key to acclimating to Jack's method: “Surrender to the process.” I wouldn't have made it through 1st grade if you hadn't offered that. Your refresher course has worked like a charm for me. Jack's Method really works if one works the Method.

      –Cliff Eisner

You are such a wonderful insightful supportive facilitator.

      –Terrie Silverman

You've walked the walk, and talked the talk, and have helped to keep up the tradition of Jack's class being an oasis of thought and words from the rest of the world. 

     —Jeff Miller

YOU are amazing, a true teacher and a perfect disciple of the the Jack Grapes Method Writing course, which you have mastered. Listening to every nuance, every obscure point, every little detail....nothing escapes you. You are so good at digesting and understanding deeply a piece that you hear. The workshop is great for taking the time to hone into the smaller picture, to refine the details that elevate, enrich, and deepen writing. NOLLY (No One Listens Like you). NOHILY (Second: No One Has Insight Like Yours)

      –Barbara Rothstein

I can't tell you (and yet I'm telling you right now) how grateful I am to you and Josh for the Brush Up class. I learned so much I never knew and was reminded of so much I once knew. You create such a safe and supportive atmosphere in the class. It allowed me to feel confident that whatever I succeeded at in the exercises would be acknowledged and what I missed or misunderstood would be corrected with the utmost respect and kindness--all of which made trying and experimenting and growing as a writer so very possible. I was constantly impressed by your careful listening to each of the readers in class. Careful listening. What writer doesn't thrive on that? I so appreciate the class and the way you teach. The comments you and Josh made to each of us were golden. I'm so glad to be working with you.

     –Kathy Goldman

You truly have a gift for connecting the mundane with the deeper meaning of a piece. Whether it's a shower ring or a clothespin or a Bic lighter, your find depth in our writing that we don't see ourselves.  You are a wonderful coach and teacher.

     –Kristine Kawai

I so enjoyed the Brusher-Upper class and your "riffing" of props, not to mention all of your wonderful writer's and teacher's wisdom.

     –Phyllis Frank

You have an amazing wise presence.

     –Dagmar Stansova

You put yourself so thoroughly at our service in our Brush Up groups. Your tireless encouragement and availability in making sure we understood the concepts, as well as your loving, supportive emails and insightful comments during class was a true gift to me. For all of the above, I am truly grateful.

     –Carol Joffe

You are a wonderful teacher, so giving, attentive and heartfelt. You and Josh bring out the best in your students. You and the exercises challenge us. I learned so much. The class was spectacular. So appreciated. Bravo!

     –Julie Ariola

The class was terrific. You and Josh are a fabulous team. All the exercises are great. You did a fabulous job of both supporting us and pushing us further. The class title does not do it justice. It is not a “BRUSH UP.” It is a DEEPENING, of a DEEP METHOD! It is a refinement of a complex and fascinating METHOD.

     –Sara Melzer

I really, really enjoyed the Brush Up class. I enjoyed your input and instruction and ideas and various interpretations of the pieces. What a wonderful community.

     –Josh Reed

I learned a great deal not only from you, but from everyone in the class. I'm humbled by everyone's unique and intelligent voice.

     –Sharon Barr

Your help, guidance, and uplifting presence, not to mention your kind words and encouragement, made such a huge difference to my self-confidence and belief in my writing. I feel like my writing grew tremendously in a very short amount of time, and I think that is true for most if not all of my fellow students, as I was floored each week with what I was hearing. It was truly a transforming experience for me and you were a big part of that change. I so enjoyed this class. I look forward to starting level 2!

     –Russ Wilson

It was a wonderful group, full of inspiration. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it.

     –Marti Rhode

I so appreciate the permission you all gave me to find my voice and start seeing myself as a writer. You have been a great source of inspiration and support. Every Tuesday I looked forward to the friendly faces and to being entertained, embraced and taught by everyone’s amazing journals. What a magical journey it has been! I'm so very grateful to have crossed paths with everyone in the class and know that there's a tribe where I belong. Jack, Josh, and Lisa, you made it all happen. I bow to you.

     –Olga Albuerne

You have a great spirit!  You care so much about the whole thing and we all feel it and it makes a difference to know someone is listening the way you do.  It’s a rollercoaster and I can’t seem to get enough classes.

     –Rob Stark

I have enjoyed your care, creativity, and support for all of us.

     –Mary Melissa

You are such an encouraging and helpful voice, a wonderful guide and teacher. You are ever present, thoughtful, and gentle with your feedback. You have a very kind and warming presence and just your being is inspirational. You lend a certain comfort in that room. You listen so intently and always find that special nugget about people’s work. These classes have taken me to a place that I never thought I’d go to and I am learning much. I enjoy your approach to Method Writing. I am super glad you are committed to carrying the torch. I really look forward to the next Brush Up.

     –Jeannette Godoy

Your supportive and insightful comments cleared up a lot of uncertainties. You listen so intently and heard what we often didn't even know we'd written.

     –Catherine Kaufman

I want to tell you how inspiring you are. You are a really great teacher! I love taking your class.  I can’t wait to take the next class.

     –Lisa Cheek

Your guidance, support, positive feedback, and encouragement throughout the class meant a lot to me.

     –Katie Henoch

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